book done

Long hours and repeated read through the book mean its done. "Christians Teach". It includes Dr Jacobs Dogmatics book, Luther's Large Catechism, Small Catechism, the so-called ecumenical creeds (as included in the Book of Concord) and a set of simple worship services. Jacob's book is QA form, so I made sure that each Q and Answer are on the same page, except where the answer is too long (quite seldom). Then I started each chapter on the right side, so there are a few blank pages (titled "readers Notes").

Back in St Louis

Florida has come and gone. We visited Epcot - saw Mexico, Norway, France, Chinese acrobats and had a lot of fun. It is good to be with family. Thanksgiving was church and then turkey. I got filled up - even though I can't eat as much as in younger years.... Then Friday we spent a few hours at the Atlantic beach. Unfortunately, I didn't get to walk up and down the shore asking about timeshares. Oh, well the water was cold - I verified that by jumping in. Saw a couple of surfers who couldn't stay up more than ten seconds - the waves just didn't last that long.

A long trip

We are spending Thanksgiving in Florida visiting daughter sonja and family while her husband, Chris, is on his vicarage assignment there. So, ... we had to drive from St. Louis to Oviedo Florida - in one trip. 16 hours of sheer delight, well .... In Florida, just to make life seem better we passed 7 wrecks by the road, most with police on the scene. The word for the day has been "rain". No thunder and lightning but heavy rain to mist all the way into Florida. sigh.


Just as I understand what I am going to do on the book, I travel to Concordia, MO to pick up Diary from st. Paul's LHS for Thanksgiving vacation. Then today, Saturday, I spent helping friends clean their house and change the screens so they can move into their newly purchased forclosed house. Its a good deal, but a lot of work.

And now this evening we have a sleepover - 3 grandchildren join Diary. Movies, crafts, and a little chess. Might get something done later tonite. Its good though, all this needs to be done.

More editing

I was wondering how the book grew from 140 pages to 220 then I printed out a page to check on what things looked like. Sure enough, when I started setting the page styles I didn't check the original margins. Aaagh. So I have reset the margins and the headers - around 30 styles. Now I have to go back through and redo all the pages breaks I set manually to keep QA on the same page. sigh. Reset all the left/right headers tabs too.

Endless editing

I'm planning to use a slight revision of a 1905 Systematics (Dogmatics) textbook for teaching in Africa. I have finished converting the text to the proper format and now am working on such concerns as headings and ending pages properly. But this is the kind of work that constantly reveals another thing that should be done.

Cover ideas seem to be complete; frontispiece thought of; now theres the back page and an index to create. sigh.

Constant activity keep you young - I hope.

Plannning Ahead

So after last year's trip to Madagascar and Kenya, this year I have been asked to teach in South Sudan. Since that is on the way past Kenya, I will stop there for a couple of weeks as well. It will be exciting to see what God actually has lined up this time. Last time He changed everything as I went, but it was great not just anyway but because He did that.

Too much time

We spent a week in Florida (Seagrove Coast), hot air and wet water. Shell Island had few shells but warm water and ocean waves. Returning to St. Louis was more of the same - hot air but no water!

Now I am slowly putting myself back into the groove. Putting things like exercise and blogging back into regular life. Now to try to put mission projects I envisioned in Africa onto the web.


Got to watch a couple of grandchildren play baseball, well not much because Valerie (granddaughter) was asleep in the car and someone had to stay with her. Solveig had made a great lullaby CD so I listened to that while Valerie slept. She had gone on a long walk, around our block and then around the whole neighborhood. She walked while Aria rode in the stroller, Valerie was sure quiet the last half circle, but she walked the whole way without a complaint. High point was smelling the flowers in the hedge a short distance from our house.

Settling in

How good it is to be back among family. Everyone came by to say hello. We had put out all the souvenirs from Madagascar and Kenya. First come, first served. The comment from the last - I wish I had come first, so that I could claim everything. Thanks to all of you who helped select the gifts.

Sunday we were welcomed at St. Paul's in Wildwood, MO. Surprise! People recognized us! We felt very welcomed. We found a trombone at a garage sale on the way home.

Karis is in town. She drove down, to leave one car here so they would not have to pull it back when vicarage is over at the end of July. The trombone sort of played "Happy Birthday" as she came in through the door. About 40 years since I have played it.

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